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 Repeat, Repeat, Repeat should be the message coming from your stereo after playing the latest DJ Rice online ‘Repeat Mix’ Click here to listen


Respect Project


 New project ‘Respect’ DJ workshops now active. Delivering Djing and music recording based programmes, primarily in Youth Clubs, Schools and Community groups. Click here to view

Photos from recent ‘Respect Da Deck’ workshop now online Click here


DJ Workshop


 Website featured in International Magazine ‘IDJ’ November 2006 issue

Fresh new DJ workshops ‘Respect Da Deck’ to start in Middlesbrough, Providing Young People access to high quality creative and expressive arts, DJ & music production skills to be passed onto the next generation…… (update to follow soon)




 Worldwide DJ talent ‘Mixdisc’ selects DJ Rice as the winner for the August 2006 Showcase - click here

 Ibiza update – Rumbah @ Orange Corner & Hustle @ Itaca – click here to view

Music from around the world selected for the latest DJ Rice online ‘Universal Mix’ click here to listen




 DJ Rice to perform his International debut set in the clubbing capital of the world... IBIZA (Spain) Rumbah Party @ The Orange Corner on 24/8/06 - click here

'Hustle' party invite guest DJ's such as Joey Negro, DJ Sneak, Danny Rampling, Tim Deluxe and now DJ Rice spins their decks on 28/8/06 @ Itaca, Ibiza (Spain) click here

Worldwide DJ Talent 'Mixdisc' select DJ Rice in this months Showcase.
Click here to listen - Please vote if you like the mix.


Lazy Days


 DJ Rice hosts a ‘Rumbah’ Party, performing for the north east’s brand new event ‘Lazy Days’ held at the Atlantic club. Click here to view

You dig the deep tech sound….then check out the new DJ Rice online mix ‘Mood Flow’. Click here to listen


Stoppy Back


 Another month, another mix – Stoppy Back mix now online, mixing up musical ingredients like Chef Jamie Oliver’s kitchen blender… Click here to Listen

DJ workshops continue - passing skills, good manners and respect to young people Click here to view


Web Mix CD


 New online mix to celebrate website launch. Click here to Listen


It's Alive!!


 Website is finally live, launching in early May 2006. In celebration, a select few web launch gigs are planned with limited 'Free CD' handouts.


Rumbah Studio


 Cogs & wheels turn in Rumbah Studio, starting a fresh production steam train, untitled EP due shortly. Also a new mix CD to celebrate the website launch is forthcoming


It's Coming!!!


The new website is nearing completion, time for the Umpa Lumpa people to get ready for a well earned rest!!!


New website


 New website is currently in development using the assistance of 32 little Umpa Lumpa people based in the cellar of Rumbah Studio, Faster, Faster, Faster!!!!