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Happy New Year


 Rumbah Tribe to perfom a pounding New Year’s Eve live set @ Ohso, Groat Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne 31/12/09


Ohso Residency


 DJ Rice, new residency – Joining the dots from Soul to Funk to Disco to House - every Saturday 8-11pm @ Ohso, Groat Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne Click here


Rumbah Tribe


 Rumbah Tribe to perform in the party capital of Europe ‘Newcastle Upon Tyne’ at the hottest new late night Bar/Club ‘Ohso’ 24/10/09 Click here




 Respect DJ workshops, completed for Community Voice FM - Click here to view presentation.


Community Voice FM


 Community Voice FM DJ Workshops discover talented future DJ’s - with positive tutoring and the right environment, young people age 11-16 prove how creative they can be! email: youths@cvfm.org.uk CVFM website


Time Out


 Sunshine time ;-)


DJ Workshops


 DJ Rice to pass his DJ/Production/Radio skills to a new breed of creative young people. Any young people age 11-16 interested in the project should contact the new radio station (Community Voice Fm) email: youths@cvfm.org.uk CVFM website


House Music


 House Music all night Loooooong!!! Open your ears and your mind to some rare house music treats that your unlikely to have heard before? Click here


Ice Cool


 Bank Holiday Sunday 12/4/09 @ Keys, Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough - Get Down to the Ice Cool Sounds of DJ Rice & Bing, bang, bong percussion by Rumbah Tribe member Darren Moore




 Instant fix for your classic house music mix needs, this is firm hands in the air business… to get your fix! Click here




 Rumbah Tribe return to perform the Keys (Middlesbrough - UK) 27th February 2009, percussion, sax, guitar & flute melodies to keep you warm on a cold winter night!




 Old news but good news! DJ Rice music productions 'Parmo' & 'Sunset' published for 'The Chimera Project' released on DVD & broadcast by the BBC Click here to view videos