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Time Out


Time for a break!


Rumbah Studio


DJ Rice returns to the studio after a 5 year production break! Expect deep, future, timeless music as Rumbah studio dusts down, fires up the machines and hooks up fresh new technology. Collaborations with the UK’s finest musicians are the norm for Rumbah productions.


Top 10 DJ Chart


A rare chart listing, rare as in, a DJ chart is rarely produced and it's very rare that any of these will feature in the UK top of the pops charts or some other similar popular music chart! There's some old, some new, but their all definitely for those who know the real deal..... for those who don't know, seek out and enjoy. 100% guaranteed quality!

1) Midnite City Soul Affair - Still Loving You (Lumi Records)
2) Paper Music Issue 2 - Fatdans Rubber Dub (Paper Recordings)
3) UBQ Project - When I Fell In Love [Charles Wester Mix] - (White Label)
4) Justin Martin - Sad Piano [Charles Wester Mix] - (Buzzin' Fly)
5) Fredrik Stark - Let Down (i Records)
6) Joshua Heath - I Refuse (Drop Music)
7) Mihalis Safras - Los Mexicanos (Great Stuff Recordings)
8) Backroom Productions - Classic Vibe (Flatline Records)
9) Krimp - Get Up (Strictly Rhythm)
10) Blaze - Lovelee Dae [2020 Vison Mix] - (Playhouse)


Video Channel


New section on website includes videos ranging from a rockin’ Ministry of Sound – London (UK) chilled out vibes in Ibiza (Spain) to the history of the Parmo in Middlesbrough! Click here to view


New Beat Soundsystem


Hot new project 'New Beat Soundsystem' featuring Matt Case on Saxophone and flute, Darren Moore on percussion and DJ Rice on digital mixing, using hands on DJ techniques and the latest technology. Debut performance @ Osbournes (Yarm-On-Tees - UK) 29th April 2010 - 8pm-late


Respect Workshop


Education, education, education..... back in the community to pass on DJ skills. Saturday 20th March from 1-4pm at Newport Neighbourhood Centre, St Paul's Road, Middlesbrough


Residency Video


Video of Residency - DJ Rice live @ Ohso (Newcastle Upon Tyne - UK) 27/02/2010 Click here to view


DJ Gigs


Upcoming DJ events:
Rumbah @ Osbournes (Yarm-On-Tees - UK) 29th Jan 2010
Rumbah @ Ohso (Newcastle Upon Tyne - UK) 16th, 23rd & 30th Jan 2010