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First off big thanks to everyone who entered. We literally got mixes from all over Europe ( and beyond!) – countries like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Croatia and Belarus. By far and away we got the most cds from the UK. Bizarrely enough we didn’t get the most cds from Ireland although the mixes we did get were for the most part very good.

Overall we got nearly 150 cds which has taken 4 of us nearly 2 weeks to get through. As you can imagine some mixes are not really suitable though probably only less than 5% . So for the most part, people sent us cds with great music on it. While they were quite diverse musically ( which was great) if there was a common thread it was that electro-house is obviously REALLY popular now – a lot of mixes had at least 2/3 such tracks in it, and we’ve come to the conclusion that Tiga and John Dahlback must be rolling it in by now!

However as we said in the PR , what would really catch our attention was something new, different or a cd with a mixture of styles, so the final selection for the most part reflects that.

We’ll stick up the 10 mixes later today/tomorrow along with the tracklistings, but we also want to send a shoutout to the following djs who also did a great job, it was just the fall of the dice they didn’t make it into the top ten

Richard Carrick – sent us 3 cds – all really good, well mixed , and quality music. If he lived in Dublin, we’d get him to play Pogo no sweat.
Rob Heenan – brillant deep house mix from Waterford. We’ll be listening to this for a while, with Norma Jean Bell, Fish Go Deep, and Mr V on there ye cant go wrong. Hopefully we’ll get him to play Bodytonic sometime later this year.
Jay Sharp - quality breaks mix from the big man from Oz currently living in Dublin
Brian Shelly – solid house mix from Cork
DJ Rice – Quality mix of house, breaks & techno from the UK
Casper LT – liquid drum’n’bass from Denmark. Good fun !
Damien Kelly – nice deep house mix. Should get him down to bodytonic soon for a warm-up set
Kev Deep Down – Deep Down House music from London, innit
Kenny Fitz – Chi-town house from Waterford. Great tunes but could have been a bit longer - only lasted 30 minutes !!!
Paul Prior - quality mix of deep breaks, tech-house, and prog tinged house
Darren Allen – this guy is on the up from Derry playing regularly for Shine and Celtronic so needs no help from us. Quality micro-house mix
Stuey Lyons – quality techno mix from local lad Stuey Lyons a regular at Electric City
Patrice Baumel – really good minimal mix from Amsterdam.
Anthony Daly – 3 cds of really really good music. Only the fact he had no tracklistings or contact details with his mix prevented him from getting into the top 10. Note to budding djs – include your contact details !!!!
Darren Sheehan aka Dashka – banging funkin house mix from Cork that’s loads of fun and has loads of ideas. This guy would rock any party or club !
Terry Lyons & Danny Metadjer - quality mix of house, electro, beats and breaks. Very close to making it aswell really.