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AV Festival project to be screened on BBC TWO
Chimera Project: Middlesbrough 2003, BBC TWO North East & Cumbria, Friday 21 November, 10.00pm

Chimera Project: Newcastle Gateshead 2002, BBC TWO North East & Cumbria, Friday 14 November, 10.00pm

An experimental documentary portrait celebrating the life and people of Middlesbrough is being shown on BBC TWO as part of a major audio visual festival. The Chimera Project Middlesbrough 2003 is a collaboration between internationally-renowned audio-visual architects The Light Surgeons and 13 artists, musicians, filmmakers, animators and writers on Teesside.

The broadcast on BBC TWO in North East & Cumbria will coincide with the AV Festival led by a partnership of the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, Middlesbrough Council, University of Teesside and Sunderland City Council. A live performance of the new digital film will be screened at The Empire in Middlesbrough on Saturday 15 November and broadcast on Friday 21 November on BBC TWO North East & Cumbria at 10.00pm.

Last year a group of volunteers filmed images of Newcastle and Gateshead which were handed over to The Light Surgeons, a group of video DJs who mixed the images in a live performance at the Tyneside Cinema. This film is also being broadcast on BBC TWO North East & Cumbria on Friday 14 November at 10.00pm as part of the AV Festival.

Wendy Pilmer, Head of BBC in North East & Cumbria, says: "These two 30-minute films are off-the-wall but strangely gripping and I felt it was important to support the local talent who made them.

"The BBC should reflect the landmarks and lives of those who live and work in the North East and while market pressures continue to affect commercial broadcasters in the UK and in this region, it is even more important that the BBC supports projects such as this in the arts."