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After hearing a mix tape from this collective, I was pleasantly surprised. Their refreshing take on house music produces one of the most unique tracks that I have heard this year, even the last couple of years!! The Molecular Soul EP is thoroughly refreshing, with tough tribal beats and quirky effects chuggging away setting the scene for what you may think is a typical tribal groover. That is until the funky guitar riffs kick in and steadily build with some jazzed out bass. The phased chorus effects that are used in the main mix work a treat on the numerous instruments that are being used.

The "Cellar Bar Dub" mix is exactly that, more dubby and tripped out. Deeper than the "Main Mix", the swirling synths and echoed keys fuse together with some great spooky house strings. Definitely one of my favourite mixes from the EP. All in all, this track has pretty much everything without going overboard on one single style. The production on this has been well thought out and the results can be heard for themselves.

This is one of those tracks you can't quite classify as being one particular style due to its originality, definitely destined for big things. Not yet signed to a label, I'm sure this will be snapped up in due course. Check out the sound clips and see what you think, remember, its artists like this who need your support to grow into major producers.