return to previous page DIRTY BUG, came together in 2003 having discovered a mutual enthusiasm and dedication for underground house music, alongside similar infleunces. The fledgling partnership has already recieved rave reviews and plenty of kind words from those in the business, and both their dj sets, and original house tunage, shows great promise to us. We have the entire debut release, the "RISING EP" featured below as downloads, and we also hope to feature an exclusive mix by the lads very soon too in our mixes section. Keep checking back for word of that.

DIRTY BUG are RAYEES RASHID (aka DJ RICE) and ANDREW TURNER, two djs/producers who have their roots firmly steeped in funky house music. Before they formed the group they played a whole bunch of venues individually, including THE GALLERY @ TURNMILLS, SUGAR SHACK, DOWNTIME, MOJO'S, 2 ZERO 2, THE CORNERHOUSE (all in Middlesbrough), CULTURE, DUSTED, HIDE (all in Yarm), MAGIK (Edinburgh), THE MELA FESTIVAL (Leeds + Leicester), CREAM (Newcastle), MOBY GRAPE (Stockton). They also held down residencies at the likes of RUMBAH, BETA LOUNGE, PURPLE ONION (all in Middlesbrough), and THE CORNERHOUSE, TIME & TIME, BAR PARIS (all in Hartlepool). These gigs have seen them line up alongside the likes of ROGER SANCHEZ, NORMAN JAY, JUDGE JULES, and DJ DISCIPLE.

DIRTY BUG, try to steer clear of the popular anthems, or the latest hyped tracks; "...a far too easy and boring option...", they instead focus on incorporating established artists with new talent. "There is a vast amount of innovative new music more easily available than ever, which brings something truly fresh, exciting, and unique to the table". This fresh musical outlook, something not always connected with straight-up house music, combined with two decade's worth of vinyl shopping between them in a vast range of styles, is a good indication of what they are about. They know their music, and always want to offer something different musically for every live performance. They see boundaries as something you instinctivly push!

Since forming they have been looking at ways of pushing their sets in new directions, and came up with a format that not only pushes their boundaries as djs, but also the music they are playing. They use a mix of 4 Turntables, 2 CD Decks, 2 Mixers, along with 2 FX units, and by all accounts, their sets always push the energy levels up wherever they play, and create a unique vibe. They say... "It was a natural progression for us and so much more fun!". This outlook, coupled with a growing rep on the underground scene in the UK, has seen them bring the DIRTY BUG live act to MINISTRY OF SOUND, with great feedback. One of their mixes is currently featured on the BODYTONIC (Ireland) website, click here to play it as a real player file, from the BODYTONIC site. Before BODYTONIC featured the mix, it was featured in the IDJ Magazine (UK) as the top mixtape of the month, and in may GALAXY FM (UK) streamed the mix for one of their shows.

"If this isn’t the best reader mixtape of 2004 we’ll gladly pack up our bags and go work for Needlecraft Monthly. The way in which DJ Rice and Andrew Turner create a sheer wall of sound with four decks, two CD decks, two mixers and two FX units is awesome. Someone please give these boys a residency!" IDJ Magazine, March 2004.

DIRTY BUG are spending more and more time in the studio lately, and it is this tunage that we are featuring here on QUEEP (ORGANIC) MUSIC for now. Their debut offering, the 3 track "RISING EP", is available below as full quality, full length MP3 downloads, and we reckon that this is only the beginning of the story for this talented duo. The tunes are very funky house, with a slight taste of breaks here and there. They are built around funky basslines & guitars, and really are a very convincing first shot at production for RAYEES and ANDREW. They have investigated their funky house roots with this tunage for sure, and their infleunces, which include LLORCA, HORACE ANDY, MANU DIBANGO, BRETT JOHNSON, SWIRL PEOPLE, MIGUEL MIGS, and PARLIMENT, are clearly evident in these featured productions.

The "RISING EP" combines various sounds from the dance spectrum. Driving kiks, and funky guitars, merge with techy beats. Deep jazzed out keys glide with dubbed out bass, and techno hi hats drive four four beats. This is all backed up with nice breakbeats to break the rhythm up a bit, and nice FX touches to round it off. The track titles are the cherry on top to us, a nice bit of humor !!! The lads say.... " This release has been a long time in the making and only releases that meet with the high standards of the DIRTY BUG release'o'meter, depart from the Bug Studio ". All tracks are exclusive to QUEEP at the moment, and keep checking back for news of an exclusive DJ set by the duo. "Dirty Bug get on a production tip and prove themselves to be more than just talented DJs; all three tracks are strong offerings with solid production... Promising indeed." IDJ Magazine (UK) on the "RISING EP"